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Vietnamese coffee FAQ

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Vietnamese coffee FAQ

Exotic of Vietnamese culture found its reflection in coffee and interesting coffee traditions. Coffee from Vietnam attracts people from all over the world! About 80 countries buy Vietnamese coffee every year.

What’s the specialness of coffee from Vietnam? Why is it so popular for coffee lovers? Check answers in our FAQ!

What’s the features of Vietnamese coffee?

Drink is so popular due to its deep taste and bright aroma which combines chocolate notes, vanilla and caramel. 

Vietnamese coffee has a light taste: arabica from Vietnam contains high concentration of essential oils, that’s why it smells flavoury and herby and tastes a little bit bitter.

Robusta is famous all over the world due to its tart taste. But robusta beans collected in Vietnam are an exception. Coffee made from Vietnamese robusta has a soft aroma and it resembles fresh herbs. That feature is due to the high concentration of essential oils in coffee beans.

How do Vietnamese roast coffee?

With the dark type of roast! The roasting process often includes added flavors such as mocha, chicory, vanilla, butter or even whiskey.

How do Vietnamese make coffee?

They make coffee using a Vietnamese coffee filter which is called phin. Filtration through phin makes the taste softer and the drink becomes perfect for different toppings. 

Try to cook Vietnamese coffee Star Coffee from Mr Viet using phin!

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