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Tasty Vietnamese coffee

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Tasty Vietnamese coffee

Step-by-step about Coffee in Vietnam

What is “Vietnamese coffee”?

Coffee in Vietnam is a drink made in a special device – the press filter, mostly with condensed milk and ice.

Experts describe Vietnamese coffee as follows:

  • Medium bouquet and well-balanced taste
  • With a pleasant acidity,
  • LIght caramel and chocolate notes in the aftertaste;
  • Most common is dark roast


Where to buy real Vietnamese coffee?

Coffee in Vietnam this is a great culture! Here people love coffee and every day starts with a meeting with friends and a cup of coffee. We are working for doing the original coffee taste, keep high quality and keep the reasonable price for our product. We are sure – you will find your favourite taste in our collection!

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How to make real Vietnamese coffee?

First, you will need a special device for brewing Vietnamese coffee – a press filter which is called ‘phin’ in Vietnam. Due to very dark traditional roast, it is not recommended to use a cezve or a mocka pot as the drink may get too strong and bitter.

Choose your favourite kind of Vietnamese coffee: pure Robusta or Arabica, Mocka, Culi, Luvak or traditional coffee mix. Traditionally, for Vietnamese coffee beans are of medium or medium-fine grind.

After using the ‘phin’ it needs to be washed and dried. Take the device apart: the cup with the filter, the press and the lid. Wash all the parts, then dry them with a towel.

If you want to make Vietnamese coffee in a cezve, it is important not to boil it, just warm it up.

There are a few popular recipes of Vietnamese coffee.

Hot black Vietnamese coffee

Ground the coffee beans. Set a Vietnamese coffee filter (called ‘phin’) on a glass. Put coffee to your taste into the filter. Distribute it evenly with the press and pour a little amount of boiling water on it to warm. After a minute fill the entire filter cup with hot water. It’ll take 4-5 min for the filter to let out all water. Then remove the filter from the glass – the coffee is ready.

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