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MR. VIET and Teapins

Tea and coffee sets as a gift

Brands Teapins and Mr. Viet offer amazing unique gifts for any occasion. These products have been developed by the best designers. You can choose it as a small souvenir when visiting friends, a gesture of appreciation to a colleague, gratitude to a teacher, a surprise for your parents, a unique gift for your boss, or just to please yourself.

Coffee Gift Set "Star Coffee with phin"
Star Coffee Gift Set is the best way to get familiar with traditional Vietnamese coffee.

Star Coffee - The Strongest Coffee.

Vietnamese coffee beans are carefully harvested by local farmers, then roasted, and blended at MR VIET factory to develop a powerful, traditional rich aroma.

Star Coffee - Classic Vietnamese Taste.

250 grams of ground coffee.

Stainless steel or aluminum Phin for traditional Vietnamese brewing.

Tasteful full-body classic Vietnamese blend with dark chocolate and slight caramel notes.

Mr. Viet team
Tea Gift "I Wish You"
The most customizable tea gift in the world.

"I Wish You" is the most personal tea gift.

Anyway you'd like, from your birthday to your birthday, it's your choice. The words in the box allow you to create personalized wishes that are perfect for any occasion.

The collection of gourmet loose leaf teas "I Wish You" contains the following teas: Ginger Lemongrass, Milk Oolong, Shan Snow Tea from Ancient Tea Trees, Green Tea Jasmine Thai Nguyen, Traditional Vietnamese Green Tea, Traditional Vietnamese Black Tea, Summer Peach, Passion Fruit, Vanilla Coconut, Mango Coconut.

Mr. Viet team
Tea Gift "Vietnam Delights"
The biggest collection of Vietnamese teas in one box. 25 gourmet teas from all over Vietnam.

Vietnam Delights.

25 fine loose leaf teas.

5 Black, 5 Green, 5 Fusion Black teas, 5 Herbal tisanes, and 5 Premium Teas.

Pictures of Vietnam's most famous sites.

Single-serve pre-portioned tea sachets.
Each tea is hermetically sealed.
The tea is saved in its freshest and richest appearance.
This does not require measuring.

Single-serve sachets are the most convenient way to enjoy loose leaf tea.

Mr. Viet team
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