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We want as many people as possible to know about our products. So Mr. Viet is open to any cooperation and proposals! We are ready to share our marketing ideas and provide advertising materials.

Currently the products of Mr. Viet are represented in 26 countries around the world. We have offices in Europe, Vietnam and the USA. Products have the proper certification and are ready for sale.


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OVER 1000

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around the world
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Why companies choose us
Our sales model is time-tested
Over the years of cooperation with stores from various countries, we have studied all the intricacies of selling a product
We provide a personal manager
We will answer all your questions on the correct conduct of sales!
You can get free samples
We will send trial products by courier for review
We pay a lot of attention to design
Our design team is working hard on the corporate identity of each package.
Markup 40%-120%
It is interesting for us to increase your profits at minimal cost. Let us help you grow your business
Our products are certified
We have a declaration of conformity of product quality and a certificate of organic raw materials USDA

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We have all the necessary certification

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