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How to make Vietnamese coffee in a phin.

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кофе по-вьетнамски как приготовить рецепт традиционный вкус белый вьетнамский кофе из вьетнама как приготовить где купить фин вьетнамская чашка для заваривания кофе мистер вьет самый вкусный кофе

How to make Vietnamese coffee in a phin.

Vietnamese cup for making coffee.

Vietnam takes the honourable second place in the world for the annual amount of produced coffee. The taste of Vietnamese coffee is different from the more common Brazilian one. It is brighter, stronger and more fragrant. Having tried coffee in Vietnam, travellers simply can not remain indifferent to it. The secret is not only in the coffee beans but also in the special method of making the drink in a ‘phin’ (a cup for making coffee).

Vietnamese do not use cezves or coffee machines, they have their own special recipe. The reason for it is that in Vietnam they roast coffee beans to the dark colour, and this gives a bitter taste to the drink if made in a cezve or a coffee machine.
One popular opinion says that all recipes of Vietnamese coffee are made to remove the bitterness of coffee beans. Another one says that it is ‘phin’, the metal filter, created specially for it.
The device includes a metal cup with a filter, a press and a cover. This modification of the French press was adopted by Vietnamese in the XIX century from French missionaries.

There are niceties that you need to learn before using a phin:

  • For making Vietnamese coffee in a phin it is better to use coffee beans of large or medium grind to avoid small particles of ground coffee getting into the cup. If you want to make Vietnamese coffee in a cezve then better use finely ground coffee to get the rich taste of the drink.
  • It is better not to pour boiling water on coffee, wait 1-2 minutes after it is boiled. Serve the drink as soon as it is ready.
  • To keep taste and aroma of Vietnamese coffee longer it is recommended to buy grounded coffee in packs of 250 grams, coffee beans – in packs of 500 grams; store them sealed, away from light and temperature differences. This will help to keep the best taste and aroma of coffee for up to 12 months.

How to make Vietnamese coffee in a phin:

  1. Take a glass, a cup or a mug of your favourite size.
  2. Put the phin on top of it.
  3. Put 3 teaspoons of coffee, distribute it evenly in the phin, put the press on it.
  4. Add a little bit of boiling water, wait a minute and fill the entire cup with hot water, cover it with the lid.
  5. Wait for a couple of minutes until the coffee finishes dripping.
  6. Remove the phin and enjoy your delicious coffee!

This method of making Vietnamese coffee is one of the simplest, cheapest and delicious. You can buy a set of  Coffee+Phin in our web store and make real Vietnamese coffee at home.

If you pour the drink into a glass with ice and add some cream, you will get ‘marble’ Vietnamese coffee.

How to make Vietnamese ‘white’ coffee with condensed milk.

  1. Pour condensed milk to your taste in a glass, usually, it is about 1 cm.
    белый кофе по вьетнамски вьетнамский кофе как приготовить рецепт
  2. On top of the glass put the press filter (‘phin’).
  3. Put 3 teaspoons of coffee, distribute it evenly on a bottom of the phin.
    кофе по вьетнамски как приготовить белый кофе со сгущенкой через вин заварка через вьетнамскую чашку стакан
  4. Put the press on it and add hot water.
    кофе по вьетнамски как приготовить рецепт белый кофе из Вьетнама приготовление через фин вьетнамская чашка для запаривания кофе без кофе-машины
  5. When there’s no water left in the phin, and coffee stopped dripping remove the phin.
  6. Add some ice and stir gently.
    как приготовить кофе по-вьетнамски вьетнамский кофе рецепт белый кофе со сгущенкой
  7. The thick, strong and sweet drink is ready, and you know the traditional secrets of making Vietnamese coffee.

In the Vietnam heat, black and white coffee is drunk with ice and it has the refreshing effect. In cool weather, we suggest you replace condensed milk with hot milk or enjoy flavoured espresso.

If you want to be immersed in Vietnam culture, find yourself as a true connoisseur of Vietnamese coffee by trying the set «MR.VIET» with phin
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