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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Mango Coconut tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

Mango Coconut tea | Farmers Tea, 100g


Black mango and coconut Farmer’s teais a unique bouquet of black whole-leaf tea with natural flavourings: jasmine blossoms, bits of coconut, mango and stevia. The exotic drink will be highly estimated by fruit tea lovers.
When brewed the leaves open themselves, giving the drink its saturated, dark amber colour. It has a distinct flavour of juicy mango, accompanied by citrus notes and elegant, sweet taste with mango aftertaste. This bright, rich bouquet of tastes will brighten your everyday urban life and bring the tropic mood into your atmosphere.

Ingredients: loose leaf black tea, coconut flakes, jasmine blossoms, stevia, dried mango, tropical fruits flavouring.

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