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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Citrus Hurricane tea | Farmers Tea, 70g

Citrus Hurricane tea | Farmers Tea, 70g


Citrus hurricane Farmer’s Tea is produced exclusively from natural ingredients: dried hibiscus flowers, lemongrass and pomelo peels. The drink has an exotic and unique taste which is excellent both hot in winter and cold in summer.

The drink has refreshing, sour-sweet taste of hibiscus, citrus and ginger notes and delicate fruity aftertaste. The aromatic tea when brewed has a dark burgundy colour of a ripe cherry. The ingredients are grown on family farms all the year round, under the bright sun, that provides not only for the flavour and taste but also for a bit of the sun in the package. You can try it yourself – when you open the package, you will feel the delicate natural flavour that makes your spirits rise straightaway.

Ingredients: lemongrass, pomelo peels, hibiscus

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