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Herbal tea Tropic Mulberry | Farmers Tea, 70g


Herbal tea “Tropic Mulberry” Farmer’s Teais a surprising combination of Vietnamese herbal bouquet:  hibiscus, lemongrass, mulberry leaves and peppermint. The tea has a bright berry taste and a pleasant fruity flavour. This spicy, aromatic drink is tasty both hot and cold.

This herbal combination is produced on small traditional farms in far, ecologically safe corners of Vietnam. Dewy climate of highlands and rich soil of these places are ideal for growing best teas and herbal bouquets. All ingredients for Vietnamese herbal teas are picked and handled by hand. The elegantly designed package will preserve the taste and flavour of the herbal bouquet for a long time.

Ingredients: hibiscus, lemongrass, mulberry leaves, peppermint, natural flavour “Wild berries”

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