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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Jasmine Tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

Jasmine Tea | Farmers Tea, 100g


Green Jasmine Farmer’s Teapremium tea leaves come from the North of Vietnam, Thai Nguyen province. They are grown at a height of over two thousand meters above the sea level, in dewy climate, this variety is known for its rich bouquet and marvellous aroma. It is suitable for further brewing.

Recommended brewing temperature – 85 C. When brewed the tea has golden-green colour, refreshing taste with a rich taste bouquet and delicate smell of jasmine blossoms.
Green tea with jasmine blossoms is one of the traditional combinations in Vietnam, very much liked by the locals. Jasmine blossoms are picked early in the morning, so the fragrant flower keeps its aroma. After drying jasmine is immediately mixed with tea and packed in special metallized packs to keep the taste and the fragrance.

Ingredients: loose leaf green tea, jasmine blossoms, jasmine flavour

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