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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Lotus Tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

Lotus Tea | Farmers Tea, 100g


Green Lotus Farmer’s Tea –  is one of the best varieties of green teas, picked in the highlands of Thai Nguyen province, Northen Vietnam. The tea has a honey-golden colour and delicate flavour of health-giving lotus. The leaves open while brewing, giving the drink its mild taste with a cedar tree and sweet fruit notes.

Since ancient times lotus is regarded as a symbol of longevity and good health. The leaves and the seeds are used to make drinks, desserts, cook rice and make infusions. It is one of the traditional teas, that has its pride place in our tea collection. The tea can be brewed either in a pot or in a cup. Recommended temperature for brewing is 80-85 C. A specially designed package preserves the wonderful flavour for a long time.

Ingredients: loose leaf green tea, lotus flavour

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