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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Passion Fruit tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

Passion Fruit tea | Farmers Tea, 100g


Passion Fruit Farmer’s Tealoose leaf black tea, grown and picked at the North of Vietnam. An interesting mix of hibiscus flowers, jasmine blossoms, organic cinnamon and stevia creates a bright tropical taste with a long sweet aftertaste.

The passion fruit tea can be brewed either in a pot or in a cup. If you let the tea draw, it will gain a cognac hue and uncover its unforgettable taste. Every leaf and every petal give their pleasure to natural tea lovers.
Specially designed package preserves the best taste of the product.
Ingredients: loose leaf black tea, cinnamon, hibiscus, jasmine blossoms, stevia, passion fruit flavour

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