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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Pu-Erh tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

Pu-Erh tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

11 $

Pu- Erh Farmer’s Tea is one of the best premium whole-leaf fermented tea. This variety is grown on central high plateaus of Vietnam in Lok Tan province. After tea flush, it is dried, rolled, fermented, dried again and pressed into small cakes.

When brewed it gives a dark-caramel colour, a rich earthy flavour and a more delicate aroma of pinewood bark.  Its rich taste leaves a delicate caramel aftertaste which becomes even more elegant during further brewing. The package contains instructions for brewing in a pot and authentic method of brewing in gaiwan.
Specially designed package provides for a long preservation of the taste.

Ingredients: Loose leaf Pu-erh tea

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