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MrViet / FARMERS TEA / Traditional Black Tea | Farmers Tea, 100g

Traditional Black Tea | Farmers Tea, 100g


Traditional Black Farmer’s Teapremium leaves of pekoe tea, grown on Kha Lok plantations in the North of Vietnam. The drink has a thick brandy colour and a pleasant, delicate flavour of fresh fruit, and distinct caramel aftertaste.

Local terroir of the highlands and ancient farmer traditions of the tea planters create one of the best varieties of natural black tea in the world. The richness of taste of the traditional Vietnamese tea opens when brewed in a teapot at 95 C. A chocolate motive with pleasant notes of dewy cedar forests and bright caramel aftertaste will please even gourmands. The tea is 100% natural. Due to a special pack, the health properties of the tea leaves and its flavour are preserved for a long time.

Ingredients: loose leaf black tea

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