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MrViet / SALE / Vietnam Delights | 5 Fusion Tea Collection

Vietnam Delights | 5 Fusion Tea Collection

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Gift box of fusion teas  Vietnam Delightsis an unusual choice of 5 different varieties of Vietnamese black tea enriched with exotic fruits, berries and herbs. Try the combination of sour-sweet mango and coconut, or pineapple, cream and juicy orange, fresh peach, delicate vanilla with coconut aftertaste and refreshing passion fruit with a tinge of cinnamon.
Every tea variety is grown in highland provinces of Vietnam on small family farms, where traditions of hand manufactured blends of premium qualities are still alive. A package of 10 sticks, 5 g each,  is specially designed for brewing one stick for a pot. Every stick contains step by step instruction for brewing every blend of tea. The elegant package design gives you a pleasure to enjoy the landscapes depicted for you by Vietnamese photographers. The content of the pack is 100% natural with no chemical additives.

Contents and ingredients: pineapple and orange cream (black tea, lemongrass, cinnamon, jasmine, aroma), coconut and vanilla tea (black tea, coconut,  flavouring), mango and coconut (black tea, coconut, stevia, jasmine, mango, flavouring), summer peach tea (black tea, safflower, flavouring), passion fruit  (black tea, cinnamon, hibiscus, jasmine, stevia, flavouring).

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