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Vietnam Delights | 5 Herbal Tea Collection

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Gift box herbal collection Vietnam Delights is a collection of five exotic teas and herbal infusions, produced on traditional Vietnamese farms. The leaves and herbs for the tea collections, are picked, sorted and rolled by hand. When brewed, every leaf and every flower open themselves and fill your apartment with cozy aroma of a natural tea.
The package contains 10 sticks (2 sticks for each variety). Every sachet has a sticker with a wonderful view of Vietnamese province as well as interesting facts of local culture. On the reverse side, there is a brewing instruction for every type of tea. Every stick (5 g) is designed for a medium teapot. Enjoy the taste of artichoke flowers, berry collection, refreshing mint and jasmine, zesty ginger and juicy citrus. All the teas are 100% natural and have no chemical additives.

Ingredients: Artichoke, tropic mulberry, ginger, peppermint, jasmine, citrus.  

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