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MrViet / SALE / Vietnam Delight | 5 Green Tea Collection

Vietnam Delight | 5 Green Tea Collection

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Gift box green tea collection Vietnam Delights is an original tea from different corners of Vietnam, made into a collection of 5 varieties. There are 10 sticks in the package, each one with a marvellous landscape on it, made for you by famous Vietnamese photographers. Inside are fragrant lotus, pandan, classic oolong, jasmine teas that will reveal to you their authentic tastes.
Vietnam highland provinces are regarded as the best places for growing tea plants. Some of the farms still keep the ancient technologies of picking, drying and rolling of the best tea leaves. You will enjoy the honey-flowery bouquet of the traditional drink, with a sweet aftertaste of jasmine, exotic notes of lotus flower, light sweetness of pandan and classic taste of Vietnamese oolong. The package contains 10 individual sticks (5 g each), that are ideally measured for brewing in a pot. Only natural ingredients are used for the teas, with no chemical additives.

Contents: Traditional Green. Jasmine Thai Nguyen. B’lao Lotus Tea. Pandan. Oolong.

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