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MrViet / GIFT SETS / Vietnam Delights | 25 Tea Collection

Vietnam Delights | 25 Tea Collection

35 $

Gift box Vietnam Delights is an incredible variety of tastes in one collection. It contains 25 varieties of Vietnamese teas: 5 black teas, 5 green teas, 5 herbal teas, 5 fusion teas and 5 premium teas. All the teas in the collection are produced on small farms in various provinces of Vietnam. This collection contains only loose leaf teas of the highest quality – whole-leaf and natural additives such as bits of fruits, blossoms, herbs and spices.

Every type of tea is packed in a stick (5 g) which is designed for a  medium teapot. Every stick is a pleasure to your eyes, representing marvellous landscapes made by famous local photographers. On the package, you will also find recommendations on brewing every type of tea.
Inside the package, you will find a leaflet with the pictures of 25 tea varieties and a description of their flavour. The reverse side has a map of Vietnam with a tourist track where tea plantations are marked. There you can find interesting facts about the country and its inhabitants. Discover a wonderful world of tea traditions of Vietnam.

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