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MrViet / COFFEE / Arabica Whole Beans Coffee 500G

Arabica Whole Beans Coffee 500G

15 $

Arabica in beans  MR.VIET —is authentic Vietnamese coffee, grown and picked on high-altitude plantations of Dalat. 100% Arabica, medium roasted,  creates a classic mild taste with chocolate, orange and vanilla notes.

Arabica in beans is a favourite of any coffee lover:  devoid of bitterness, it is perfect both for making drinks and classic brewing in a coffee pot, coffee machine, or a phin. The coffee beans are grown and picked around Dalat,  a coffee region, famous all over the world. Here the mild climate and the altitude of 1400 m above the sea level create perfect conditions for growing the best coffee. Mild, but rich taste, natural flavour and an opportunity to fresh grind the beans at home, filling the kitchen with a magnificent aroma, will leave no-one indifferent. This variety is medium strong, so you can enjoy it any time of the day.  

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