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MrViet / COFFEE / Good Morning Vietnam | Ground coffee, 250g & 500g

Good Morning Vietnam | Ground coffee, 250g & 500g

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Good morning, Vietnam — are top-quality ground beans. 100%  Robusta from Vietnamese highlands, dark roasted. Strong, slightly astringent, invigorating taste with mild shades of bitter chocolate and hazelnut.

The coffee plants of this variety grow at 1400 m above the sea level, that provide for the special taste properties of the coffee. You can sense cardamom, cinnamon, and even chilli notes in it. Medium ground beans are French roasted. High caffeine content in “Good morning, Vietnam!”  provides for unforgettable bright aroma and energy boost for the whole day. Due to the very strength of Robusta, it is recommended to drink it in the morning. MR.VIET coffee is perfect for brewing in coffee pots, coffee machines, and of course in Vietnamese phins.

Package: 250 g and 500 g

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