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MrViet / COFFEE / MR.VIET – Chon Ground Coffee 250g & 500g

MR.VIET – Chon Ground Coffee 250g & 500g

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MR.VIET Chon — is a famous Vietnamese coffee produced from premium Arabica beans. French roast, medium ground and bean washing procedure provide for a milder taste, enriching it with notes of chocolate, cream vanilla and cinnamon.  

Chon coffee (or Kopi Luwak) is based on a unique technology. In the process of natural aromatization of the coffee beans and enriching it with organic ingredients that are kept secret by the manufacturer, the coffee beans acquire their bright, unforgettable taste of legendary Kopi Luwak. With a first sip, the Chong coffee reveals its berry taste and earthy aroma. For coffee experts, we have prepared a special package – a metal-coated pack with a degassing valve, which preserves the quality of the coffee beans.

Package:  500g and 250g

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500g, 250g