New Year gifts 2022

Warming New Year gifts. Each cup will give joy and warmth to people you love.
идеи для новогодних подарков, подарки на новый год 2022, чай в подарок на новый год
""LET IT BE" - a unique collection of whole leaf tea with New Year's wishes! Each sachet has a New Year's wish that will not leave people closest to you indifferent.

Collect your congratulations as a gift for the New Year!
There are 10 types of leaf tea inside, one bag is enough for a whole kettle!
Coffee sets as a gift from Mr. Viet
Check out Mr Viet's Christmas coffee design! Vietnamese uncle farmer dressed up as Santa Claus to bring the holiday to your home!

Coffee from the New Year's collection Mr Viet is a great gift idea for friends and family. We decided to combine a bright New Year's design with winter, festive aromas of hazelnuts and chocolate. Give, try and enjoy!
Ca Phe Da Lat
Chocolate and caramel
Arabica and Robusta

Ground. 250 g. и 500 g.

Aroma of hazelnut and
Invigorating Robusta

Ground and grain.. 250 g. и 500 g.

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