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Learn more about the most exotic tea

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pandan leaf tea

Learn more about the most exotic tea

Pandan leaf tea smells really sweet and it has a wonderful flavour. The specialness of that tea is its taste: pandan leaf tea has a really exotic flavour and tastes like a blend of asian fresh fruits. Big quantities of tea buds in that type of tea blend is also a mark of high-quality tea. Let’s get to know it better.

Facts about pandan tree

Pandan is a perennial herb that grows in tropical climates. In Vietnam there are many types of pandan. It is used in many ways, especially in drinks and dishes. 

Talking about drinks, pandan leaves are an excellent flavour enhancer, that’s why it is used in tea manufacturing.

Pandan tree has a traditional meaning in Vietnam. Spiky leaves of that plant protect houses from dark and negative energy and create safe space.

Pandan leaf tea is a great tonic: it refreshes so well and has herb and citrus flavour. That tea is the best decision for tea lovers who appreciate soft taste tea.

How to brew pandan leaf tea?

For better taste you should pre-warm the tea set with hot water. Then add the tea leaves to the teapot, that procedure makes it taste better. 

The leaves should steep at 80°C for 30 seconds, before the tea is poured into each cup.

Very important to pour the water slowly and leave the kid of the teapot open.


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