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Vietnamese tea traditions

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tea drinking culture

Vietnamese tea traditions

Let’s dive into tea drinking culture in Vietnam! Vietnamese are really appreciate everything connected with tea. In Hanoi there are many tea traditions, they show the national love for tea drinking.

Read about the most meaningful traditions and find out Vietnamese in a new way.

Tea set made from ceramic

In Vietnam the most spreading type of tea is made from ceramics or clay. One of the main national customs is keeping tea water in a ceramic vessel. 

Vietnamese love to decorate tea sets! The most popular type of decoration is golden paint. Handcrafted golden paints on ceramic tea sets are very valuable and beautiful. Vietnamese drink tea with little teapots and cups just like Chinese. Sometimes Vietnamese tea sets contain a big cup for filtering tea infusion.

Tea drinking with ceramic set tradition is ancient: In the past king’s families made personal orders with tea sets from the special manufacturing villages. In Vietnam there still exist many villages manufacturing ceramic tea sets from centuries to centuries. 

The hotter the better

Trying fresh brewing tea is the only way to feel the real taste of the drink. Vietnamese believe that tea keeps its fullness of taste first several minutes after being poured into the cup. So in Vietnam people usually start to drink tea right after it is served. 

Sipping little sips

Next step is a culture of drinking tea. Vietnamese drink tea while sipping a little sips. Very important to concentrate on tea while drinking it to feel the aroma and harmonic taste. Cup of tasty tea touches the deepness of the human soul, and tea aroma gives unforgettable delight.

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