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Vietnam Delight | 5 Black Tea Collection

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Gift box black tea Vietnam Delights is a unique collection of 5 different varieties of black leaf Vietnam teas with spices, fruits and natural aromas. Farmer’s teas are grown in distant provinces of Vietnam, hand-picked for ideal leaves.
The collection contains 10 sticks of black tea (2 stick for each variety). One stick (5 g ) is designed for brewing in a medium-sized pot. Every tea contains only organic ingredients: tropic fruits, thyme, cinnamon, cacao beans and stevia, which gives the teas its slight sweetness with no harm to your health. The tea is ideal both as a present, due to its elegant package and as a tea for home tea party.

Contents: Traditional black. Earl Grey Tropic. Cinnamon Chai. Black tea with Thyme. Chocolate Toffee.

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