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Coffee leader: Vietnamese robusta

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Coffee leader: Vietnamese robusta

What’s the most popular coffee in the world? It is robusta! About 35% of coffee consumed around the world is coffee made from robusta beans. Robusta has a full and tart taste, the saturation of its flavour is provided by a big quantity of caffeine contained in the beans. Trees of that coffee sort can reach a height of up to 12 meters! Morefore, Vietnamese robusta grows so high: about 1200 meters above sea level. 

What about coffee from robusta?

Coffee made from robusta beans is the second most popular type of coffee in the world. About a third of world coffee production is robusta coffee. The biggest countries-manufacturers of robusta are Vietnam, Brasil, Mexico and India. That region has a favorable wet climate for robusta trees.

Coffee made from a pure robusta has a deep dark color and thick crema (foam from the top of the drink). It smells like a mix of peanut and chocolate, a spicy bitterness is felt in robusta taste. 

Vietnamese robusta

For the last 10 years Vietnam is still a leader in robust manufacturing and export. Vietnamese reached global results due to the special nature of the country and its climate. Soil in some regions of Vietnam is so rich so local manufacturers can garner about 12 harvests from one plantation per year without using any chemicals! That’s why the main specialness of Vietnamese coffee is its naturalness. 

Fact-checking about Vietnamese robusta

As we knew earlier in that topic, coffee made from robusta has a really tart taste. Sometimes it can feel pretty saturated. But Vietnamese robusta is a great exception. It is not as tart as robusta grown in other countries because Vietnamese robusta bean contains 18% of essential oils. That’s why robusta coffee is so sweet! 

Another interesting fact is that robusta beans from Vietnam contain a big quantity of sugar: that’s why the beans become dark-brown after roasting and smell like chocolate.  

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