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How Much Coffee Is There In Coffee Tree

There are more and more coffee lovers, so it takes time and effort to create new plantations and grow coffee. Here we want to tell you about coffee growing and its main features.

Harvesting berries

On average, it takes 3-4 years from planting seeds to the first harvest of coffee. The harvest of one coffee tree is about 2-5 kilograms of berries annually, and the harvest of a small farm is 1500-3000 kilograms of berries.

Much of the plantation work is done by hand or machine. Picking berries is actually a tedious job. In addition, this is the only way to select the most ripe and high-quality coffee berries.

To harvest berries, pickers move along the plantation. They remove ripe berries, as well as separately rotten ones as they harm trees. Unripe coffee is left to ripen, they return after a while.

Every day one worker can collect up to 150-300 kilograms of ripe berries.

Processing and roasting: how coffee mass is reduced

At first glance, the figures for the harvest of coffee berries are impressive. However, during processing and roasting, the mass of coffee is reduced by almost 10 times. So out of 50 kilograms of berries, 7 kilograms of pachment are obtained, 6 kg – green coffee and only 5 kg of roasted coffee.

A person needs about 7 kilograms of roasted coffee to drink two cups of coffee every day for a year. This is a crop of 10 coffee trees. Thus, the berries of one small coffee farm are enough to provide an annual supply of coffee for only 20-40 people.

Mr. Viet Coffee

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