Dried Vietnamese fruits from


Tropical fruits from Vietnam

Dried fruits from Mr. Viet are the main symbols of the country: mango, dragon fruit and durian. We have collected the main flavors of South Asia - exotic superfoods. Fragrant tropical fruits because of modern drying technology retain all the nutritional properties and amazing taste of juicy fruits from Vietnam.

Dried exotic fruits

Why Vietnam?

Because fruits are grown here in the best sunny conditions.

We cooperate with farms from Tien Giang and other southern provinces of Vietnam. In these regions, the climate is consistently sunny throughout the year.

Tien Giang is also called the “kingdom of fruits”: there are 73,000 hectares of orchards and it is the largest “fruit” area in Vietnam!
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MR. VIET Classic Dried Fruits

The most popular dried fruits from Vietnam: mango, durian, and dragon fruit.

MR. VIET Dipped in Chocolate Dried Fruits

The unique collection of mango dipped in different types of Vietnamese gourmet chocolate

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