Tea from Vietnamese farmers.


Vietnamese loose leaf tea directly from farmers

We explored Vietnam from north to south in search of the best tea plantations. We want to offer you the perfect selection of flavors for the daily brewing of loose leaf Vietnamese tea.

All teas are hermetically sealed, which preserves their taste and properties for a long time.

Teapins, green tea, herbal tea

Tea leaves directly from
local farms

Teapins herbal tea

  • 11 authentic Vietnamese teas and exotic blends;
  • This includes traditional green tea - a tea that can be found in every family in Vietnam;
  • And teas that are only found in Vietnam: Lotus green tea, Green tea with pandan leaves (which tastes like freshly baked cookies), premium tea from 100-year-old tea trees - Shan Snow;
  • We have also developed unique tea blends with exotic ingredients: mango, coconut, lemongrass, pomelo, cinnamon, cocoa beans;
  • There is a separate place in our collection for Vietnamese herbal tea. They are great as teas before bed.

Vietnamese hand-picked loose
leaf tea

  • 100% natural tea blends;
  • The most popular teas in Vietnam were added to our collection;
  • Whole tea leaves were used exclusively to create our collection;
  • Whole leaf tea has a rich and deep taste.
Teapins loose leaf tea
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