vietnamese gourmet exotic chocolate

dark chocolate

Mr. Viet's dark chocolate is a rich and unique gourmet experience, with a smooth, slightly bitter taste and a distinct aftertaste.

milk chocolate

Mr. Viet's milk chocolate blends rare Vietnamese cocoa beans with creamy milk for a uniquely smooth and delicious taste.
60 gr
60 gr
Mr Viet Classic Chocolate collection

sweet mango & coconut

Indulge in the perfect blend of sweet and ripe Vietnamese mango with a hint of coconut and the elegant bitterness of gourmet premium dark chocolate in this top-quality chocolate bar.

pineapple & coconut

Experience the delicious diversity of Vietnam with this unique combination of white chocolate, sweet tropical pineapple, and coconut flakes.

dragon fruit & matcha tea

Try a unique and exotic flavor with the delightful combination of dragon fruit and green matcha tea in this chocolate bar.
60 gr
60 gr
60 gr
Mr Viet Fruits Chocolate collection

unique durian & cookies

Try a unique and exotic flavor with the delightful combination of dragon fruit and green matcha tea in this chocolate bar.
60 gr

only pure vietnamese ingredients
in this chocolate collection

We make chocolate only from purely Vietnamese beans
Local cocoa beans
Ripe Vietnamese fruits of the highest quality
Real fruits
Each chocolate bar is made handcrafted and with love

why mr viet chocolate is so delightful?

Chocolate with exotic fruits from Vietnam, such as mango, durian, dragon fruit, and pineapple, offers a unique and exotic flavor that cannot be found in regular chocolate bars. These fruits have distinct flavors that are both sweet and tangy, providing a unique taste experience.
Unique flavors
Mr. Viet uses only the highest quality ingredients, including premium Vietnamese cocoa beans and hand-picked fresh fruits. This ensures that the chocolate bars have a rich, authentic flavor and a smooth texture that melts in your mouth.
High-quality ingredients
They use traditional techniques to ensure that the chocolate and fruit flavors are perfectly balanced, and that each bar is a work of art. This attention to detail and care is what makes Mr. Viet's chocolate with exotic fruits from Vietnam so special.
Techniques and technology

mr. viet features a uniquely curated selection of cocoa beans from the sun-kissed region of south vietnam

These delectable beans boast an incredibly rich and indulgent flavor profile, and hail from the idyllic province of Soc Trang, known for its optimal cacao tree growing conditions. The farmers in this region pour their heart and soul into the cultivation of each precious fruit, ensuring that the beans are preserved with utmost care and attention to detail.
What makes special cocoa beans?