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How Long Does Coffee Last: What to Know

If you’re a coffee drinker, you better know how long can coffee stay fresh and how to store it properly. Here we want to tell you how long does coffee last depending on storage conditions and coffee type.

General information about how long does coffee last

If your whole beans coffee or ground coffee are stored properly, it can last for quite long time. Because coffee itself is dry, it isn’t likely to develop mold or other forms of spoiling caused by moisture.

Generally, coffee that wasn’t brewed lasts longer than brewed one. Place where you store coffee (on the counter or in the pantry, fridge, or freezer) also affects coffee freshness.

If coffee isn’t stored in airtight container, its taste may start to deteriorate. Cold temperatures can affect the taste of dry coffee, but they can help coffee last longer as well.

Whole beans coffee

Depending on the storage method, whole beans coffee can last for several weeks to months or even years.
A sealed package of coffee beans that is stored at room temperature can make coffee stay fresh until its best-by date. Depending on the manufacturer and packaging it can last for a few weeks, months or more.

After opening a package of roasted coffee beans, the coffee will stay fresh for around 1–3 weeks. Transfer package to a dry and airtight container that blocks out light and keep it at room temperature away from heat.
Coffee beans in the freezer in sealed containers can be stored for 3–4 months. Ensure there is no water in the container you put coffee. But still, freezing isn’t the best way to preserve quality and taste.

To increase chances to get fresh coffee beans, look for a recent “roasted on” date on the package or degassing valve. Degassing valve that looks like small circular vent allows packaged coffee to release carbon dioxide. It may prolong your coffee shelf life.

Ground coffee

You should keep opened package of ground coffee in an opaque and airtight container at room temperature. Keep it away from moisture, heat, and light. Ground coffee stored this way typically stays fresh for 1–2 weeks.
You may keep ground coffee in the fridge in sealed containers nearly 2 weeks in the fridge and 1 month in the freezer.

Instant coffee typically has a longer shelf life. There is an opinion that it can last for 2–20 years in a sealed package or airtight container. At the same time, opened package may last for several years.

What degrades coffee?

Coffee stored longer in darkness and cool temperatures. So, there are a several factors you should avoid when storing coffee:

  1. Light. Glass jars with coffee let in light, and roasted coffee beans go stale when influenced by direct light.
  2. Oxygen. It causes stale coffee beans. They will degrade in a few days when exposed to open air.
  3. Heat. If coffee is exposed to heat, it will quickly lose flavor.
  4. Moisture. Keep roasted coffee beans in a cool and dry place.

How to store coffee beans properly

  1. Seal your coffee properly. We recommend storing coffee in airtight container. An opaque container will not let light penetrate. Keep the container in cool and dark place.
  2. Don’t buy more coffee than you can use during the next several weeks as freshness usually lasts 3-4 weeks.
  3. Keep heat and humidity low. Coffee is best stored in a cabinet that creates cooler temperatures than countertop.
In our article about how to store coffee you can get more tips and recommendations on how to do it properly.

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