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What is the Difference Between Cappuccino and Latte

Cappuccino and latte are drinks made with espresso and frothed milk. But what is the difference between cappuccino and latte and which one to choose? Here we want talk about the difference in taste, proportions and preparation.

Cappuccino - the perfect balance of coffee and milk

Cappuccino is the most famous espresso-based coffee drink. It maintains a balance: you can feel the taste of espresso, but it does not prevail over the taste of milk. This is a kind of the golden mean.

Barista makes a standard cappuccino is prepared with a volume of 150-180 ml and uses one shot of espresso. Large cappuccino - based on two servings of espresso, it is served in a cup from 280 ml.

Originally, a cappuccino consisted of ⅓ espresso, ⅓ warm milk, and ⅓ milk foam. But in modern specialty coffee houses, they have moved away from this proportion. Now there is more milk in the cup, and less foam. Without loose foam, the drink is more pleasant in texture.

For cappuccino, as for other milk drinks, a velvety and non-porous foam is prepared with a thickness of about 1 centimeter.

You can learn more about instant cappuccino in our article about it.

Latte - light coffee-creamy taste

Latte is the largest and milkiest espresso-based coffee drink. Suitable for those who do not like the bright taste of coffee.

It is prepared in a cup with a volume of 250–300 ml and is used as a single shot of espresso. The rest of the drink is milk and a little milk foam.

What is the difference?

Difference #1: Proportions

Cappuccino is a classic ratio of espresso and milk 2:1. Instead of milk, milk foam is mainly used here, so there is not much milk in cappuccino, unlike latte. Volume: 150-200 ml.

Latte classic ratio of espresso, hot milk and milk foam 1:2:1. Volume: 250-300 ml.

The method of preparing drinks is similar:

First pour espresso (coffee)
Then hot milk is poured, heated to a temperature of 70 °C
Next, foam is whipped
Difference #2: Milk foam

There is a difference in the volume and type of milk foam. In cappuccino, it should be thicker and denser, compared to the lighter latte foam. A cappuccino has twice as much foam as a latte.

Difference #3: Delivery Method

Latte. Served in a glass goblet with a volume of 250-350 ml with a heat-resistant glass handle for serving hot drinks. It can also be served in a regular cup. The temperature of coffee when serving in both cases should be 60-70 degrees. It is noteworthy that when pouring frothed milk into a cup, patterns are formed. The technique of drawing patterns is called latte art.

Cappuccino. In order to get the best balance of espresso and milk, cappuccino is served in cups with a capacity of 150 to 180 ml. It is better when the shape of the cup expands towards the top so that the milk foam will be enough.

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