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A Guide to Evaporated Milk Coffee

Evaporated milk coffee is a great drink you can enjoy in the morning or during the day. If you want coffee to be little sweeter, it is a good alternative for regular coffee creamer or sugar. In this article we would like to tell you more about evaporated milk and coffee with it.

What is evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk is made from milk that was heated so that 60% of the water evaporates. After evaporation, the milk is homogenized, canned, and sterilized. Evaporated milk is convenient to use as it has a relatively long shelf life and doesn’t requite to be stored at refrigerator.

The difference between condensed milk and evaporated milk

Actually, evaporated milk and condensed milk look alike, even the packaging is quite similar. But still, they have several differences.

Both of them have less water content. However, condensed milk has much more sugar in it. This is the reason why you get a sweet coffee when you add condensed milk to it.

Evaporated milk does not make your coffee this sweet. It is more about neutralizing the coffee bitterness than making it acquire sweet taste.

How evaporated milk changes coffee taste?

It makes your coffee less bitter and adds natural sweetness to it. Evaporated milk gives your coffee a smooth and rich texture. If you are used to adding fresh milk to your coffee, then evaporated milk is a great alternative to it.

If you want your coffee to be a little sweeter, there are numerous ways to do it even without sugar.
Keep in mind that evaporated milk can curdle in coffee if coffee itself is too hot or too acidic. To prevent curdling, carefully control your coffee temperature or add fresh milk.

Evaporated milk as heavy cream and coffee creamer substitute

You can use evaporated milk instead of heavy cream to brew coffee. It generally gives the same texture and smoothness but without the fats that heavy cream has.

Evaporated milk can also replace coffee creamer as coffee creamer contains a lot of sugar. So, if you’re looking to decrease sugar consumption, you should avoid using coffee creamer. Just use evaporated milk instead as it does not contain any added sugar.

How to make evaporated milk coffee

First, make a cup of coffee and add 2-3 tablespoons (it can be less or more) of evaporated milk to it. Mix it and ensure your coffee and evaporated milk mixes together well. To make it sweeter, you can add some sugar to your coffee or go with sweetened condensed milk and make Vietnamese coffee.

Evaporated milk goes well with cold brew, instant coffee, iced coffee, and any coffee you can think about.

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