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Instant Coffee Caffeine Content

Consuming too much sugar with coffee is quite unhealthy and may lead to several problems. But it doesn’t mean that you should switch to classic bitter coffee instead. There are several ways how to sweeten coffee without sugar, get pleasant taste, and enjoy your sweet coffee. Read on this article to find out about them.

How is instant coffee made?

Many people think that instant coffee is made from low quality coffee beans, numerous additives, and chemicals. Sometimes it can be partly true: as a result of the production technology coffee can lose taste and aroma. Some manufacturers restore it by adding additives, which can be both natural and artificial. However, different studies confirmed that everything produced by a conscientious and trustworthy manufacturer has almost no artificial additives.

Instant coffee can be powdered, granulated and freeze-dried.

At the first stage, for the production of any of these coffee types, high-quality coffee beans are used. They are cleaned, roasted and crushed. Then the ground coffee is poured with hot water in pressurized containers.

Then, we have a rich extract with a high concentration of flavoring substances, for which we love coffee so much. The extract obtained is cooled and filtered to remove resinous and insoluble substances, sprayed and simultaneously dried with a stream of hot air. This is how powdered coffee made.

To get granulated coffee, the coffee powder is just molded into granules with the help of steam. This process is called agglomeration.

The technology for the production of freeze-dried coffee is more complicated. That’s why it is more expensive than granulated and powdered coffee. Resulting coffee extract is dried using ice. This process is called freeze drying or freeze dry. The extract is frozen and at a temperature of -50 °C excess moisture is removed from it using a vacuum. The frozen mass is crushed, and we got coffee crystals.

Instant coffee caffeine content

Due to the number of conversions, which coffee beans go through before becoming instant coffee, its content of caffeine decreases. For instant, average cup of instant coffee contains 60-80 milligrams of caffeine per serving, while brewed coffee has 75-165 milligrams per serving.

So, if you want quick boost of energy, instant coffee may be not the best choice. But its caffeine content can be enough to cheer up a little.

Caffeine itself is a natural stimulant that activates the work of many body systems, improves brain activity and speeds up metabolism. In small doses, it is harmless and does not increase blood pressure. On the contrary, due to the diuretic effect of caffeine, coffee can reduce blood pressure.

Instant coffee also contains phenolic compound, which are natural antioxidants that fight the damaging effects of free radicals. This way, they prolong the health of cells and prevent many diseases.

Mr. Viet instant coffee

Mr. Viet produces real Vietnamese coffee. Mr. Viet coffee beans are expertly roasted in Dalat region, Vietnam. We carefully select and control coffee roasting in order to get tasty and balanced coffee. We produce it in accordance with all the traditions of Vietnam.

Our collection of Mr. Viet instant coffee includes coffee for every taste:

Mr. Viet Americano - pure black coffee, strong and full-bodied.
Mr. Viet 2in1 - sweet black coffee, for those who prefer softness to astringency.
Mr. Viet 3in1 - classic latte flavor.
Mr. Viet 4in1 Cappuccino - delicious creamy coffee.

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