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Mix Tea and Coffee in One Cup

Have you ever thought whether it is possible to mix tea and coffee and get a tasty drink? This idea may seem quite unusual. However, such mixes exist and are especially popular in Asian countries. Those drinks are called yuenyeung, kopi cham (spreeze), etc. In the article we want to talk about the taste and features of them.


Yuenyeung is a mix of tea, coffee, and condensed milk. Condensed milk is added to make it thicker and sweeter. But still, it tastes rather bitter, without excessive sweetness. It can be described as a coffee drink that has both the silky milk texture, tea softness, and the rich taste of coffee.

This drink comes from Hong Kong. Nearly 2.5 million cups of this drink are drunk every year there. It is served in the majority of traditional tea houses and canteens.

The drink appeared in 1952 and was originally made for drivers and workers to stay awake.

The drink got its name due to the balance of flavors. Yuenyeung is the name given to mandarin ducks, which are a symbol of conjugal love in Chinese culture. These make and female birds look different and always appear in pairs. The name of this contrast pair is also used for tea and coffee drink.

You can brew it at home. You will need black tea, coffee, water, condensed milk and ice if desired. We recommend using a 2:1 ratio of condensed milk tea to coffee.

  1. Boil 1 tablespoon of black tea leaves in 150 ml of water.
  2. Steep the mixture for about 3 minutes.
  3. Add about 200 ml of condensed milk for every tablespoon of tea leaves used in the brew.
  4. Brew the infusion over low heat for 3 more minutes and add coffee to the mixture.
  5. Strain and serve hot or with ice.

Yuenyeung variations in other countries

Other drinks are just different variations of Yuenyeung and are made generally the same.

Kopi Cham (spreeze)

In Ethiopia, it is a balanced drink that is a tea with sugar and a shot of espresso. You can feel the floral notes of black tea with the bitterness of espresso in its taste. The locals call it "invigorating drink" or Spreeze.
In Malaysia or Singapore Kopi Cham is a drink made from strong black tea with sugar mixed with condensed milk and coffee. The proportions of the ingredients are almost the same. The drink is served hot or cold.

Wonda Tea Coffee from Japan

Wonda Tea Coffee is a drink that mixes tea and coffee. It was launched by the company called Asahi Soft Drink Co. in 2018.

Unusual combinations are gaining wide popularity. People experiment and get new tastes when they mix coffee and tea together. Therefore, in addition to the well-known drinks yuenyeung, kopi cham, and wonda new combinations are not excluded.

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