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Mocha VS Macchiato: What Is The Difference

Mocha, macchiato, caramel macchiato – you can find quite similar names in the menu of coffee shop menu. But in fact, it turns out that these are drinks with a different history and the ways of preparation. In this article we will talk about mocha and macchiato.


Mocha is an espresso-based drink with the milk, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Baristas decorate it with chocolate chips, whipped cream, cinnamon, cocoa, and marshmallows. But initially the drink was called differently.

For a long time, the only suppliers of coffee beans in the world were such countries as Ethiopia and Yemen. Arabica coffee from central Yemen was appreciated for its earthy and chocolate flavor. It was shipped to other countries from the port of Al-Moka (or Moka). That’s why in Europe, Arabica beans were known as “mocha beans”.

Coffee beans from Yemen have gained popularity in Italy. Their chocolate flavor brought the Italians the idea of combining coffee and chocolate. So in the 18th century, coffee houses in Turin began to make coffee from espresso, milk and melted chocolate or cocoa powder.

In 1892, the combination of coffee and chocolate was mentioned in the recipe of Betty Crocker, calling it “mocha”. So even more people learned about the drink, and they remembered it as “mocha”.

Most often, mocha is two shots of espresso mixed with completely melted chocolate and a large shot of frothed milk. The ingredients are put in layers. Firstly, espresso taken as a basis, affects the taste of the drink. It is best suited for coffee varieties with medium or low acidity. Experts believe that the flavor profile of an espresso for mocha should be full-bodied, with descriptors of nuts and chocolate.

The best thing about mocha is that its recipe can be customized. For example, a drink can be made with white, dark or milk chocolate. The texture of the coffee will depend on how you take the chocolate: syrup, powder, shavings, or melted.

Mocha may appeal to those who love sweet drinks and desserts.


Macchiato is a coffee drink made with espresso and a minimal amount of milk, which is usually frothed. Its taste directly depends on the espresso taken as a basis. Therefore, it is vital to choose high-quality and professionally roasted beans. Usually no sugar is added to this drink.

Macchiato was first prepared in Italy in the 80s of the last century. Some customers of coffee shops in the country ordered espresso with a little milk. In order not to get confused between coffee drinks, baristas "marked" espresso with a drop of milk foam. This is how they came up with the name macchiato which means "spotted" in Italian.

Traditional Italian macchiato is made with one shot of espresso and 15ml of frothed milk. However, industry experts often prepare macchiato in different ways. Someone knows macchiato as a double shot of espresso with milk foam or 1 shot of espresso and a spoonful of milk foam.

There are also more non-standard recipes for a drink called macchiato. For example, caramel macchiato is made with frothed milk, a small amount of espresso, caramel syrup and flavoring. However, this is more like a milkshake that completely differs from the classic macchiato.

Macchiato flavor will appeal to those who are looking for a drink with a less pronounced taste than espresso. By adding milk foam rather than milk, the espresso doesn't dilute too much. The drink remains rich, but at the same time sweet and creamy.

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