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Options for making Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese created numerous unusual ways to drink their coffee. Each of them has specific taste and unique notes. People in Vietnam like to add to the coffee milk, cream, other beverages and even food! Here are some options for tasting Vietnamese coffee with different flavors and notes.
Vietnamese Black Coffee

It is quite similar to espresso, but Vietnamese black coffee is much stronger because of Robusta beans which are mainly used in producing coffee instead of Arabica. Those beans make the beverage less sour and more bitter. People like to drink this kind of coffee with a big glass of ice to dilute the strong taste.

Vietnamese Black Coffee with Sugar

Due to the bitterness of the coffee (as it contains twice as much caffeine as traditional coffee) people add one or few tablespoons of sugar to soften the taste.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Vietnamese Egg Coffee was invented in Hanoi. It is made by whisking egg yolk with condensed milk for a few minutes until it turns into a fluffy, creamy, and meringue-like cream. The egg fluff is served on top of black coffee. Nowadays, egg coffee has become very famous not only in Vietnam, but around the world.

Coffee Milk

Not everyone can handle bitter taste of Vietnamese coffee. For such people there is an option like coffee milk. It is also good for people who don’t like high caffeine content or should avoid it due to some health features. This is a style of drink that considers that a few drops of coffee are brewed into a glass of iced milk. The amount of milk, sugar, and coffee should be chosen according to one’s taste preferences.

Coffee and Ice Tea

The mix of coffee and tea may seem weird for someone, but it is very widespread in Vietnam. Whether you are in the garden coffee shop or street coffee stand, the sellers often serve coffee as well as a pot of tea. It is done for customers who want to switch from the strong taste of coffee after drinking it.

Avocado Coffee Smoothie

As it was mentioned before, Vietnamese like to experiment with their coffee and add to it different foods. Avocado with coffee is considered to be one of the perfect mixtures to enjoy your beverage. Like it was in other types, the taste of avocado can refresh the bitter taste of coffee and make it softer and more pleasant.

Vietnamese Blended Coffee

Other food ingredients that can be added to Vietnamese coffee are cookies, chocolate, caramel or hazelnut. This combination is called blended coffee; it is very popular among young generation. It started to expand in the 2010s, when many student-owned startups were founded, and began to introduce blended coffees to Vietnamese market.

Coffee with Coconut Cream

Plant milks have become more popular recently, and the coconut one is one of the most favorite among young people. More and more people begin to prefer it over condensed milk since coconut milk has a strong taste and a sweet smell, but less sugar.

Our Mr. Viet coffee collection provides different types of coffee that you can use for brewing this beverage using different additives such as coconut cream, condensed milk, ice, sugar, fruits, sweets, chocolates, and many other products that will make your coffee tasty, creative and unusual!

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