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How to Sweeten Coffee
Without Sugar

Consuming too much sugar with coffee is quite unhealthy and may lead to several problems. But it doesn’t mean that you should switch to classic bitter coffee instead. There are several ways how to sweeten coffee without sugar, get pleasant taste, and enjoy your sweet coffee. Read on this article to find out about them.

1. Agave syrup

Agave syrup taste can be compared to honey, but it is thinner and lighter. It has got the same amount of calories and carbohydrates as granulated sugar, but it's got a light and floral taste. Darker agave has a rich flavor that tastes especially good in coffee. Agave syrup is high in fructose, although it has a lower glycemic index score than honey. This prevents human blood sugar levels from increasing.

2. Maple syrup

It has numerous nutrients and a bright taste. Simultaneously with being sweeter than sugar, it has antioxidants and a lower glycemic index, so it takes longer for your body to digest it. We recommend choosing pure maple syrup products instead of pancake or breakfast syrups that are labeled "maple flavor." They contain highly processed forms of sugar.

3. Vanilla extract

Many coffee lovers are familiar with vanilla flavors in their coffee like latte and love it very much. Adding one or two drops of vanilla extract adds a bit of flavor without adding the actual sugar.

But ensure to read labels carefully before adding vanilla to your drink. Some brands include added sugars that defeat the purpose of avoiding coffee sweeteners like processed sugar.

4. Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener that is very beneficial for human health. Although honey is as sweet as granulated sugar, it has got benefits that make it a better choice. Raw honey has antioxidants, prebiotics, and vitamins which may promote human health. It is naturally really sweet and high in calories, so add a little at a time. Honey is also a great option since it has anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Date syrup

If you love caramel notes in coffee, you will definitely like it with date syrup. It is a great sugar replacement as it is thick and has hints of vanilla. Date syrup has got twice as much potassium and magnesium as honey or maple syrup, but it is not as sweet as they are. Moreover, this syrup has 10 times the antioxidants as maple syrup or honey.

6. Coconut sugar

If you are a fan of coconut oil or milk, coconut sugar may be a good option to replace sugar. But use coconut sugar in moderation, though. It’s high in fructose, although it comes from natural sources. It contains more vitamins and mineral salts of magnesium, zinc, iron than ordinary sugar.

7. Creamer

Add a splash of dairy or plant-based milk to get a smooth taste. Sometimes, stirring in creamer, milk, or a plant-based creamer is enough to get rid of the coffee bitterness, so it tastes sweeter. If you like plant-based options, use unsweetened varieties that have an extra flavor like soy vanilla creamer.

8. Cacao or cinnamon

Ingredients like cinnamon or cocoa add flavor notes without adding sugar. Add cinnamon for a spicy flavor or cocoa powder if you like mochas. Cinnamon may help to stabilize blood sugar and improve bad cholesterol, while cocoa is a great source of protein and magnesium.

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