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Forgot about Teacher's Day? Don't worry!
Even if you could not please your teacher with a gift today, you can do it in the nearest future, and even in Vietnamese style!

Forgot about Teacher's Day?

Today, October 5, is International Teachers' Day. Teachers have always been valued, because teaching is an important work on which the life of future generations depends.

The experience and knowledge that teachers give us is invaluable. Their contribution determines both the formation of personality and the choice of unique life path. But sometimes we forget how important it is to thank those who put their efforts in us and teach something useful.

For those who accidentally forgot about Teacher's Day, we have prepared this article. After all, everyone should have a second chance.

Even if you could not please your teacher with a gift today, you can do it in the nearest future, and in Vietnamese style!

Teachers' Day in Vietnam

Every year in Vietnam, Teachers' Day is celebrated on November 20. This is an extremely important holiday for Vietnamese: teaching is an ancient craft, which was considered the most difficult and responsible work in Vietnam.

A teacher in the framework of the Asian tradition is a respected person in society, enriched by the experience that one brings to the younger generations. It can be not only a person working as a teacher, but also a close one who shares everyday experience and gives important advices. Therefore, very often Vietnamese congratulate their older family members.

How do you congratulate teachers?

In Vietnam, teachers' day is prepared in advance: students choose symbolic gifts like coffee. After all, almost everyone loves coffee here!

Prepare in advance too! Try to congratulate your favorite teacher or close people who work in this sphere according to the Vietnamese tradition on November 20 and give him unique gifts from Vietnam.

There is nothing better than new knowledge! Every year on Teacher's Day, we remember that. And even better - to make your teacher such a gift that will bring new knowledge to him!

For example, a coffee set “About the tastes of Vietnam” from Mr. Viet is created to immerse you in the world of flavors of Vietnamese coffee. It contains the most popular varieties that were lovingly grown and produced in Lam Dong Province.

Here is also the unique variety Kopi Luwak you can read more abour here. And fragrant classic Arabica, which will please with its delicate taste.

Therefore, for those who didn't have time to prepare for teacher's day, there is still time left! And we, in turn, want to congratulate all teachers. Thank you for your hard work!

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