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How to choose a high-quality loose leaf tea?

There is a real abundance of tea in Vietnam, and to find something to your taste, you need to know some features
of its choice.

How to choose a high-quality loose leaf tea?

Vietnam produces and exports almost all existing types of tea: green tea, oolong, white and black tea. Nature here allows you to grow high-quality varieties that attract both tourists and brand representatives. Therefore, in Vietnam there is a real abundance of tea, and to find something to your taste, you need to know some features of its choice.

After all, none of us wants to fall for a well-made advertisement about tea, which can easily be misleading. Is green tea from this company really as good as it is written about?

To avoid questions and doubts, we have prepared a short article to help all lovers of high-quality tea! Here you will learn about the main features of real Vietnamese tea and, perhaps, you will be interested in this topic!

High-quality Vietnamese tea is about a unique taste

The taste of tea from Vietnam is not similar to the classic blends of Indian and Chinese varieties. Moreover, the taste of black tea from Vietnam is similar to the combination of the strength of Chinese black tea and the freshness of Taiwanese oolong. As for green tea, it has a special bitterness and astringency, which makes its taste special.

The collection "Let It be" from Teapins contains all the unique flavors of Vietnamese tea. It is very important to feel the blend: to be alone with taste and feel it. Try to organize a full tea ceremony!

Carefully inspect the tea leaves

When choosing a Vietnamese tea, pick up the tea and carefully study the appearance of the tea leaf. The leaves should not break easily, there is minimal elasticity in it.

Pay attention to the color of the tea leaf as well - this will help you understand the taste of brewed tea. Light green colors usually indicate the mild taste of tea, while the dark color of tea indicates strength.

The aroma is important too

Rub the tea in your hands and feel its aroma. High-quality large-leaf Vietnamese tea is made from newly harvested leaves (the Shan Snow variety is an exception). "Fresh" leaves always have a pronounced smell, and tea brewed from them always has a brighter taste than tea from "old" tea leaves.

Paying attention to the aroma is especially important when choosing herbal tea. Focus on the smell: if it's missing, then it's likely that the herbs are not fresh.

For example, herbal tea from Teapins with ginger and lemongrass in its aroma has kind of morning freshness and exotic aftertaste of a mixture of citrus fruits. Give it a try and see! We really hope that we were able to give you a little new knowledge about tea, which you can use in practice.

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