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Vietnamese Coffee Calorie Content

Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk is a delicious drink with full-bodied taste and fragrant aroma. With its increasing popularity more and more people are interested how many calories does it have. Read on to find out what is Vietnamese coffee calorie content and how can you control it.

Vietnamese coffee calorie content

In general, any cup (250 ml) of black coffee without sugar, milk, creamer, and other additives contains 2 calories.

Once you add a tablespoon of sugar to it, your coffee cup will have 18 calories. So, such ingredient as sugar adds 16 calories to it.

To make real Vietnamese coffee, you will have to use condensed milk and add it to your coffee. Depending on sweet you want coffee to be and how much condensed milk you add, content of calories will increase a lot. For instance, putting 3 tablespoons of condensed milk will add about 113 calories per serving.

All in all, a cup of Vietnamese coffee contains nearly 115 calories without sugar and nearly 130 calories with it.

How to control calorie content in coffee

Controlling the amount of calories in coffee will greatly contribute to your diet. Here are some tips on how to do it properly in order to not load digestive system.

The most appropriate time and condition to drink coffee.

The most suitable time to drink coffee is during 3-4 hours after waking up and after breakfast during 30-60 minutes. It may help you stay awake and promote fat burning relative quickly and effectively.
You shouldn’t drink coffee on an empty stomach. It is also not recommended for people with indigestion and insomnia drinking coffee in the evening.

Amount of coffee you can drink during a day.

We recommend drinking 1 cup of coffee per day. It is also believed that you should drink only 1 glass of water before drinking your coffee. This is quite good advice as human body will not be dehydrated after coffee.

Iced coffee or hot coffee?

Actually, it is better to drink hot coffee. It will make the processes of burning fats and metabolism in general go faster. Moreover, there are a lot of useful antioxidants that help prevent many diseases and slow down the aging process.

Vietnamese coffee beans from Mr. Viet

Mr. Viet produces real Vietnamese coffee. Our coffee beans are expertly roasted in Dalat region, Vietnam. We carefully select and control coffee roasting in order to get tasty and balanced coffee. We produce it in accordance with all the traditions of Vietnam.

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