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FAQ about Vietnamese coffee
What is so special about coffee from Vietnam? Why is it so popular among coffee lovers? See the answers
in our brief FAQ!
About 80 countries around the world buy Vietnamese coffee every year. The exotic culture of Vietnam, which is reflected in coffee, attracts people around the world #nbsp.

What is so special about coffee from Vietnam? Why is it so popular among coffee lovers? See the answers in our brief FAQ!

What is special about Vietnamese coffee?

The drink has such fame due to its strongly marked, rich taste and deep aroma, which combines notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

The main feature of Vietnamese varieties of coffee beans is the lightness of taste. Vietnamese Arabica contains a high concentration of essential oils in its composition, so its aroma is extremely mild and resembles herbs; the taste has a sourness and a pleasant aftertaste.

Robusta is known all over the world for its astringency and bitterness of taste. However, grains of this variety harvested in Vietnam are a pleasant exception. Due to the peculiarities of the local soil and favorable climatic conditions for Robusta beans, coffee of this variety has a fairly mild taste. It is distinguished by a nutty aftertaste and spicy bitterness.

How do Vietnamese roast coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is known for its dark roasting method. In the process of roasting the Vietnamese often add extracts of vanilla, chicory, mocha and even whiskey. You can learn more about it in our article about Vietnamese coffee roasting features.

How is Vietnamese coffee made?

In the Vietnamese coffee filter called phin! This is a traditional method of brewing that the Vietnamese have been practicing for thousands of years.

Filtering through fin softens the taste of coffee and makes the drink ideal for adding various sweet toppings.

Try making Vietnamese Star Coffee, which comes with phin. The package shows clear brewing instructions and all the necessary recommendations.

What types of coffee drinks are favourite in Vietnam?

Iced coffee! Vietnamese like to add a few ice cubes to their coffee for refreshment in hot weather. Such coffee is usually served in large glass cups.

Condensed milk coffee is another favourite way to make a drink in Vietnam. Before brewing, a little bit of condensed milk is placed on the bottom of the cup. Simple and delicious.

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