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Vietnamese Instant Coffee by MR. VIET is the best
way to enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee during
busy working days.

Vietnamese instant coffee is considered one of the tastiest instant coffee in the world. It is also extremely convenient: coffee drinkers don’t even need a filter (which is used in the Vietnamese traditional brewing method) to make instant coffee.

It is becoming more and more widespread. For example, in recent years cappuccino has become extremely popular all around the world. Now people drink it not only in the morning but during the entire day as well. You can see this beverage served at many cafes in the afternoon and at restaurants after dinner.

MR. VIET Instant Coffee Varieties

This collection of Mr. Viet includes coffee for every taste:

MR.VIET Americano is pure black coffee, strong and full-bodied.

MR.VIET 2in1 - sweet black coffee, for those who prefer softness to astringency.

MR.VIET 3in1 - classic latte flavor.

MR.VIET 4in1 Cappuccino - delicious creamy coffee.
Mr. Viet instant coffee

Instant Coffee Advantages

Particularly, talking about the preferences of people in Southeast Asia, it is worth mentioning that consumers are starting to move to pure black coffee from the popular in the past blend 3in1.
It’s quite clear why instant coffee is so popular. It has numerous pros:

  • It is fast to make due to the ability to dissolve in the water quickly. That's why it is especially popular among office workers who don't have time.
  • It is very convenient: instant coffee has a small weight and volume so you can take it anywhere.
  • Instant coffee is waste-free. Apart from filter coffee, no coffee ground (which is very harmful to the environment) is left after brewing.
Mr. Viet coffee Cappuccino instant coffee

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