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Vietnamese coffee beans.

The main goal of MR. VIET is to discover Vietnam in its full diversity and richness of tastes.

The traditional sorts of coffee from Vietnam are highland arabica coffee and robusta with pleasant astringency and orange zest notes.

Vietnamese coffee is so popular because of its unique taste and attractive aroma. You can smell in it notes of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Coffee in Vietnam is grown in the special climate conditions and that's why Vietnamese coffee varieties have distinctive and delicious taste. You can feel notes of dark chocolate that leave an aftertaste of cocoa beans in one coffee cup. The taste may be also highlighted by soft bitterness that complements the whole composition of the taste.

Vietnamese whole bean coffee MR. VIET

This is our classic line of flavors. It consists of three types of coffee:

  • Mr. Viet Good Morning Vietnam - 100% Robusta, strong, and slightly bitter. Ideal in the morning.

  • Mr. Viet Arabica - 100% freshly roasted Vietnamese Arabica. Aromatic and elegant.

  • Mr. Viet Espresso - classic blend of Arabica and Robusta.
Mr. Viet whole bean coffee

Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta

The main coffee varieties in Vietnam and in the world.

Vietnamese Robusta is the most popular coffee variety. It is strong and rich due to its high caffeine content (1.5 - 3.2%) and low content of essential oils (about 8%). Such features create this strength and astringency taste of Robusta. Due to its taste, it is often used in coffee blends to give the drink richness and pleasant astringency. Also, it adds this important caffeine drive people expect from a cup of coffee.

The second most popular type of coffee in Vietnam is Arabica which has a delicate and pleasant taste. This type of coffee has low caffeine content - 0.2% but the number of essential oils can reach 18%! Such characteristics make Arabica soft and diverse in taste.

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